Friday, January 6, 2012


Launching a new business can be both exciting and daunting.

Location, size, staff and inventory are just a few of the factors to consider once you ask yourself the initial question of “Where do we start?”

Passion motivates that first step and quietly fuels the journey ahead.

MotorExpress is the outgrowth of years of experience in the retail and service sectors, and a vision of a new kind of business for our industry. We entered the on-line retail market six years ago after more than two decades of steady growth in the traditional plumbing and heating supply business. The persistent strength of the service sector, the rise of the do-it-yourself movement and the digital revolution that has made on-line shopping a viable alternative to traditional in-store buying first converged in the concept of PumpExpress, the pump distribution and service center we launched in 2006.

Business often has a way of merging two seemingly unrelated elements – in this case, electricity and hydronics. Our success in marketing pumps directly to a national audience naturally led us to explore the powerhouses behind our products and ultimately to launch MotorExpress, a service center and on-line clearinghouse for electrical motors for every industry and application. 

Superior diagnostics and responsiveness by our expert staff of manufacturer-trained technicians and an extensive inventory have been the key elements of a formula that has served us well with Pump Express and there is every reason for lightening to strike again with MotorExpress.

It is with excitement for the start of this new venture, and passion to see it through to it’s full potential, that we welcome you to MotorExpress!

Photo: Signage announcing the launch of MotorExpress outside our Bergen County headquarters.

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